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Byron Products Celebrates 40 Year Anniversary

byron 40 years

Byron Products Celebrates 40 Year Anniversary

This July, the heat treat, brazing, and welding innovator rings in four decades of serving hundreds of clients globally.

July marks 40 years since Byron Products opened its doors – and we couldn’t be more proud of where we’ve come since our inception. Starting the company in Springfield, Ohio out of his one-car garage with nothing more than a TIG welder, our CEO & Founder Mark Byron wasn’t deterred by naysayers or skeptics. Even with what many would deem his less than ideal workspace and lack of formal industry training or expertise, he pressed forward with his business idea and formed Byron Products in 1982. 

Flash-forward to 2022 and Mark Byron’s garage floor has been replaced with a 45,000+ square foot facility, with two other facilities nearby, each over 15,000 square feet. It’s safe to say we’ve expanded greatly since Mark put down Byron Product’s roots 40 years ago. 

However, just because we’ve grown exponentially doesn’t mean our commitment to our loyal customers has wavered. At Byron Products we still have that “whatever it takes” mentality to get the job done for our customers four decades later – and not only do we mean it, but we more importantly make a concerted effort to deliver on that promise on a day-to-day basis. 

Our staff comes to work every day with their sleeves rolled up, ready to take on whatever the task or project. We’re consistently impressed by the level of achievement, craftsmanship, and skill that exists in our warehouse – and in return express our sincere appreciation for the people that make our company what it is today. We recognize that when our people succeed, our company succeeds, and it’s been nothing short of an insightful ride alongside our dedicated employees. 

With 40 years in business comes a great knowledge of the heat treat, brazing, and welding industry.

What started as Mark and his friend Pete experimenting with a TIG welder in his garage, slowly morphed into mastering other thermal processes, such as brazing an assortment of exceedingly complex assemblies in vacuum environments. Gradually, Mark mastered more services and added them to his portfolio. Our original two-man shop has now transformed into a fully operational business solving the complex needs behind a variety of thermal issues. 

From aerospace, to defense, OEM & aftermarket, medical, power generation, automotive, and many more – Byron Product’s specialties and services touch almost every industry and have a multitude of business applications. 

It’s not without grit, determination, and ambition that we have come this far.  We’ve grown from one employee to over 60 employees since our beginning, and we have no plans in stopping on this upward trajectory. As Mark Byron has always said, “Be your own hero” – and we’re so glad he put this mantra to practice by not giving up on the vision that is Byron Products. 

Today, we continue to specialize in a plethora of thermal processes – including but not limited to continuous furnace brazing, honeycomb brazing, precision laser welding, and vacuum heat treating. An ISO 9001 certified business, we’re dedicated to continuous improvement of our service, processes, training and management team. We’re wholeheartedly focused on internal effectiveness, satisfactory vendor performance, excellent customer service and exceeding our customer expectations. 

Above all, we’re grateful for the past 40 years

…and eagerly await the next 40 so we can continue serving the business needs of both new and current customers. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Byron Products today to discuss your thermal processing needs – we’ve always been here and will always be here to take care of you and your business.

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