Byron Products

Certified Heat Treating

Byron Products has been a leader in the Heat Treating industry for more than 35 years.

We excel in certified steel treating and high temperature aerospace heat treating. Our vacuum and atmosphere furnaces can perform a variety of thermal processes on steel, stainless steel, inconel, titanium, and other specialty metals. We offer personalized customer service and will develop processes for prototype to high volume production requirements. All of our equipment is maintained and calibrated in accordance with AMS 2750 to insure our equipment is kept at optimal running performance and optimum process capabilities. 

Customers turn to Byron Products for all of their Heat Treating needs.

Byron Products offers advanced NADCAP certified heat treating services. We have a range of furnaces capable of running small batch to high quantity production. Our services including annealing and age hardening. The Byron team specializes in working with customers tight time requirements and delivering a quality product.

Byron Products offers Atmosphere Heat Treating utilizing continuous belt furnaces, batch oven and retort furnaces. Furnace atmospheres include Hydrogen, Argon & Nitrogen. All our furnaces are maintained, calibrated, and surveyed in accordance to AMS 2750. Our highly trained operators perform tightly controlled processes to meet your needs.

Tempering is an important part in most heat treating processes. At Byron Products we have the ability to temper in vacuum, atmosphere, or air furnaces. All our furnaces are maintained and monitored to meet the exacting standards of our industry. Our trained and dedicated operators aim to deliver a quality part in a responsive time.

Localized Stress Relieve (LSR) is a process to apply direct heat to a weld repair area on a final part or assembly, while guarding other areas from affecting tolerances. This process is done using several methods from cartridge or ceramic heaters, to an argon heat gun. When required, this heating process can be performed in a protective atmosphere.


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