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Byron Products is a certificated FAA repair Station (License # YB5R630Y), focused on thermal processing, repairs, and assembly for rotating and non-rotating aerospace components. We have added precision tube bending to our list of capabilities.


As a thermal processing company based in the USA, Byron Products recognizes that in our national defense failure of a part is not an option. Our staff receives recurrent training on relevant processes and procedures, and we are proud to hold NADCAP (National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program) accreditation – an industry standard recognition of quality.

OEM + Aftermarket

Byron Products holds approvals for many of our heat-treating, welding, brazing, and thermal spray processes from some of the biggest OEM’s in the business: GE and Rolls Royce, and our NADCAP, ISO 9001, and AS9100D certifications recognize our ongoing commitment to quality.


We understand that the medical industry demands precision and accuracy, and this is what Byron Products delivers. We offer our full line of thermal processing and assembly and repairs to our medical industry customers, and hold relevant certifications such as AS9100D which recognizes our ability to perform our work with precision.

Power Generation

Byron Products offers a complete range of thermal spray and coating processes to the power generation industry: Heat-treating, Brazing, Welding, and Thermal Coatings – all done in our facility in the USA. Our ISO 9001-certified facility produces consistently high-quality results.

Wind Power

As a specialized subset of the power generation industry, we at Byron Products recognize that the heavy, rotating parts you rely on have specific needs. Our thermal spray technologies can extend the longevity and reliability of your components, reducing downtime and saving on future maintenance costs.


Our thermal processes combined with precise assembly and repairs for automotive components will keep your fleet on the road where it needs to be. Byron’s ISO 9001 certification recognizes the high-quality work we will do for you.

Commercial Applications

The need for accurate, timely thermal processing of mechanical parts isn’t limited to the specific industries mentioned above. If the equipment essential to your business needs repair, heat-treating, welding, or any of our processes you should contact us today – without obligation.  


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