Brazing is a complicated process that oftentimes isn’t well understood by those outside of certain business functions. For those who may not know, it’s the process in which two or more metals are conjoined at relatively low heat to produce a stronger, more durable metal. At Byron Products, it is a process we specialize in. 

For a variety of industries, brazing is a necessary component to ensuring a product works properly and has high fatigue resistance. One particular type of brazing that we focus on at Byron Products is called continuous furnace brazing – a unique process many of our customers rely on us for.

Continuous furnace brazing: the metal joining process that keeps on giving 

The continuous furnace brazing process occurs when a belt furnace provides a continual consistent temperature and atmosphere to braze parts made from a wide range of materials. Parts are assembled and alloyed and placed on the belt and continuously fed through the furnace and the cooling zones to produce a brazed assembly ready for inspection and packaging. This process is advantageous in a number of ways. One being that for our customers, we can meet quick turnaround times and address large volume purchase orders. A second being that we have the ability to braze a variety of alloys – copper, silver, nickel – and many types of base metals. We aren’t limited to certain kinds of alloys as we are in other types of welding or brazing treatments. 

Low maintenance, high return on investment 

It’s also worth noting that continuous furnaces are fairly low maintenance because of their simplified atmosphere. They run on hydrogen at all times and do not need to reach a vacuum. With our team and facilities, we are also able to change belt speeds and heat zone temperatures quickly and without advance notice. Generally speaking, there is much less electrical/ technical maintenance required compared to vacuum furnaces. 

Continuous furnace brazing is also run on three shifts at Byron Products, so production is rarely interrupted and regularly-scheduled or immediate maintenance stops never get in the way of production. This is important for customers with a high demand and a tight delivery schedule. Where torch brazing is too time consuming – one part is manually brazed at a time – and vacuum furnace brazing is done in batches and is much less cost effective, continuous furnace brazing falls into that “Goldilocks zone” for a huge number of brazed industry products. In short, it saves the most time and money especially for jobs that don’t require a vacuum environment to braze.

Continuous furnace brazing is used in almost every industry

Just about any industry will require continuous furnace brazing for parts with high quantities. From automotive to agricultural and aviation/aerospace – the process is versatile and reaches a vast audience. At Byron Products, we see a ton of requests for automotive and commercial parts, predominantly due to our geography and the industries around us and in our network. Some of the biggest users generally would be automotive and commercial products ranging from solenoids to sprockets and tube and fitting assemblies.

Byron Products – an expert in continuous furnace brazing

At Byron Products, the parts we produce through our continuous furnace brazing process are bright and are tested for efficacy. This is achieved by continuously running the furnaces, with each furnace being catered to a different set of temperatures, alloy belt speeds and environment. A veteran in the brazing and welding space, Byron Products has worked in the continuous furnace brazing process for over four decades and is NADCAP certified.

We’re proud of the customer relationships we’ve maintained – not only because of our gold standard quality of service, but also due to our high quality parts. Don’t hesitate to reach out today to talk to our team of experts to see how we can support you in the continuous furnace brazing space!

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